Domotex 2019

Garbelotto presents the revolutionary Clip Up System

Thanks to the clip system that fits the grooves on the back of the boards, the laying is easy and stable and grants a totally flat surface

Il sistema di clip brevettato da Garbelotto garantisce una posa semplice e stabile, per una superficie completamente piatta

Since 1950 Garbelotto Industries have produced wooden floors of great beauty and of the highest quality with select wood from all over the world. The love for wood linked to the enormous experience of the Garbelotto family and their continuous technological research have enabled the company to reach excellence in the production of a vast range of wooden floors and accessories. From the beginning, the company has always invented and created technological advanced products which keep the beauty and warmth of handicraft made wooden floors. The Company has also worked on the futuristic headquarters of the Group which house offices and the new innovative showroom where you could see all Garbelotto and Master Floor products, with a new look that combines art, fashion and technology.

Clip Up System

The new revolutionary laying system Clip Up System was developed by the Parchettificio Garbelotto R&D department. Thanks to the clip system that fits the grooves on the back of the boards, the laying is easy and stable and grants a totally flat surface. The installation becomes easy and super quick: you only need a hacksaw, a hammer and of course a professional installer, but no glues or magnets; even the clips do not need to be attached to the underneath floor or subfloor. Furthermore, this intelligent laying system makes the floor available right away: the room is ready to be furnished! This new international patented laying system makes the wooden floor totally inspectable: all boards can be removed one by one and eventually replaced, without having to remove the whole floor. It is definitely ideal for ‘turn key’ projects and for those ambiances where inspection is necessary: in fact, a sucker is enough to remove a plank and then you replace it in less than a minute.

At the end of May 2018 DAVINES, the worldwide giant in haircare and skincare, inaugurated its new headquarters: choosing the quality of Garbelotto’s Made in Italy flooring. The Davines village is located in Parma and spreads out on over 75,000 square meters. It consists of modern tiny houses made of glass and metal, that face a botanical garden used for pharmaceutical researches as well as for agricultural and environmental biodiversity. This seat is the perfect synonym of modernity and sustainability. Inside this “green” setting, Matteo Thun (Matteo Thun & Partners), a wood lover, worked out his project by using wood in many parts including the flooring. Davide Bollati, President of the Group, carried on the precise willing to build a sustainable seat and the furniture also reflects this vision: in their headquarters 3,000 square meters of oak wooden floor have been laid. It is the “Clip Up System”, colour on sample, manufactured by Parchettificio Garbelotto and 6 staircases have made-to-measure cover.

The 2018 has opened with the best conditions that have been confirmed and we expect excellent results also in 2019, thanks to the new products we are about to launch: new installation geometries and new wall cladding systems to make the wooden floor not just a coating, but an added value for the home, for hotels, restaurants or other professional environments.
—Renza Altoè Garbelotto, CEO of Parchettificio Garbelotto

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