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Bella Sander: a wood sanding machine with planetary head

Available with 2900 Watt motor, Bella is ideal for cleaning, treatment, grinding and polishing wooden surface

Disponibile con un motore da 2900 Watt, Bella è l’ideale per pulire, trattare, levigare e lucidare qualsiasi superficie di legno. 

Klindex was founded by the Bibiano brothers in 1988. The Bibiano brothers, with over 10 years of experience in the sale of machines for the cleaning industry, perfected and patented their new system for polishing natural stone using the synthetic diamond pads technology. At first it wasn’t easy to introduce this new technology, because the customers were reluctant to believe that such innovation could improve upon the tried and proved method geared around the traditional heavy grinding machines.

After a few years, however, thanks to the results and testimonials coming in from early customers, scepticism began fading to the point that the KLINDEX SYSTEM is now recognized as arguably “the best system for grinding and polishing all kinds of natural stones.” In a remarkably short period of time, contractors and fabricators from all over the world have been having a great deal of success with the Klindex floor care systems. Official recognition of the Bibiano’s achievement came in the form of the coveted Nomination for the Most Innovative Product Award conferred to Klindex at the Amsterdam Inter-Clean 2000 Convention for the mono-brush UNIKA. This nomination has been acknowledged again on 2004 with “IDRAULIKUS”.

Klindex designs and produces machines for cleaning and restoration of all surfaces, assuring to its customers efficient and good services. Moreover, thanks to the cooperation between Klindex and its customers, all the market demands are satisfied. Klindex has already achieved the certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 for “Design, Production, Sale of Cleaning and Grinding Machines”. Klindex is famous for its vivacity in the design and new projects. Klindex regularly collaborate with the University of L’Aquila and with its department of Energy for researches activities.

Bella Sander: professional wood sanding machine with planetary head

Bella is the innovative wood sanding machine born in Klindex home. Available with 2900 Watt motor, is ideal for cleaning, treatment, grinding and polishing wooden surface. Bella features all the interchangeable accessories to overcome all challenges that occur at construction sites.

Main Features: Ergonomically designed handle with hand protection. Sturdy frame, reinforced handle rod. Body carcase in shockproof and scratchproof polyurethane material. Built in dust vacuum hood. Centre of the disc water hose release output. Powerful motors available also with speed controller (VS version). New compact and modern Made in Italy design. Big wheels for easier transport. Wide range of handle’s adjusting positions to permit comfortable working. Ergonomic carrying handle. Features the unique K4 planetary system. High autonomy of water thanks to the 18-liter tank. Predisposition to the use of dedicated weights. Power outlet for accessories (optional). Adjustable height of the wheels. Led lamp for working in poorly lit environments (optional). Along the wall grinding. Designed for working also under heaters.

The 2018 was a successful year with an increase in turnover of around 5%. The market of grinding and polishing floors and specially the “polished concrete” is continuously growing. For this reason we are confident that the trend will be positive also in 2019. We are also planning to launch some new features for 2019, which will certainly help to ensure that the trend continues to be increasingly positive.
—Ercole Bibliano, Co-founder of Klindex

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