Domotex 2019

I Grandi Classici by Itlas

Knowledge, ability, craftsmanship, commitment, dedication and, above all, love for wood

Conoscenza, abilità, maestria, impegno, dedizione e, soprattutto, amore per il legno

Born at the start of the Eighties, today Itlas is a leading Italian company in the production of prefinished two and three-layer wood floors. Led by Patrizio dei Tos, the company has its legal and productive headquarters in Cordignano, in the Treviso province, and has based its business on attention for the environment, starting from researching a raw material which is rigidly controlled: the wood used comes from controlled forests which are managed in a correct and responsible way.

Tavole del Piave – XXS

A retro air reminds us of the solid wood floors used in all houses before the onset of pre-finished flooring. Itlas has decided to bring back that classical flavour with the production of a 45 millimeter wide board, suitable for irregular patterns or classical herringbone and chevron, but particularly for creating the brand new geometry that interprets floors inspired by the past. The new Itlas proposition is part of the Tavole del Piave collection and includes all its characteristics: patented quality in three layers, ease of use, laying speed, and great stability and strength that make it suitable for underfloor heating systems. 100% made in Italy, the boards come with a certificate of origin.

I Grandi Classici

Itlas’ love for wood is behind every project with I Grandi Classici. In particular, there are knowledge, ability, craftsmanship, commitment and dedication to a daily job performed by highly specialized artisans. Studies and design, manual skills and experience bring to life floors whose beauty is there for all to see; outstanding floors that exude the scent of wood and life take into the world an exclusive product labelled Made in Italy. Compositions are inspired by classical styles embellished with marquetry, involving unique materials and ancient and modern patterns in a project that re-visits the past to make every house exclusive.

As far as our company is concerned, my forecast for 2019 are strictly connected to what we have done during 2018. We have worked hard on foreign markets, both to increase our presence where we already are and to enter new ones. On the Italian side, our company is committed to maintain the sales volumes we have already reached up to now. We therefore hope for a favourable trend in export, even in two figures.
—Patrizio dei Tos, president and owner of Itlas

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