Domotex 2019

The successful alliance between Carver and Blanchon

A partnership born three years ago, based on internationalization, reliability, aesthetics, constant attention and innovation

Una partnership nata tre anni fa, basata sull’internazionalizzazione e sui valori dell’affidabilità, dell’estetica, dell’attenzione e dell’innovazione. Intervista a Marianne Rochet, direttrice internazionale del Gruppo Blanchon, e Sergio Medugno, sales manager di Carver.

Step by step Carver, from 1957, writes his story by offering innovative and quality products for the wood world. Today the company belongs to the Blanchon Group. A partnership born three years ago, based on internationalization and on the values of reliability, aesthetics, constant attention and innovation. Directly from Mme Marianne Rochet, International Director of the Blanchon Group and from Sergio Medugno, Carver Sales Manager, we discover the strength of the synergy created between these two companies.

What does it mean to belong to the Blanchon Group?
Being part of the Blanchon Group means benefiting from the best that a European leader in wood protection and decoration can offer. We speak of international prestige; perfect production cycle efficiency; cross-cutting vision of innovation; presence in several complementary sectors: industry, wood and building materials, paint factories, parchettists, do-it-yourself shops; great eco-responsible commitment: from design to product distribution; industrious team of 500 employees committed to a common goal: to always meet customer expectations.

What are your values?
First of all, reliability, considered a real priority. But we consider essential values also the sense of aesthetics, constant attention to environment and health, innovation as an engine.

Have you faced any changes in the last three years of liaison?
We have developed a general review of marketing by working, for example, on the modernization of the catalog and website, on product labels, on the creation of specific information material such as brochures and much more.

Sergio Medugno

And what about products?
In the last 3 years we have proposed new, latest generation products (Nordik, Boreal, Deck Protect) and we are ready to propose other innovations during 2019. Our choice is to eliminate as much as possible, dangerous products for the health. In particolar, those products characterized by  the safety phrase H351, suspected of causing cancer. At the moment in our range there is only one product showing this phrase, but our laboratories are already working to find alternative solutions.

Our choice is to eliminate as much as possible, dangerous products for the health

What is the market trend, in Italy and abroad?
Despite the economic period, in the last few years the Italian market closed with a positive result compared to each previous year. This is thanks to the acquisition of new agents and customers and the maintenance of the entire existing sales force before the acquisition. Parallel to the Italian market, all markets have been consolidated, especially in the American continent, from Canada to Argentina. The management of the foreign market was shared with the Blanchon Group, allowing Carver to focus more on markets in which it has a consolidated and historic presence and where Carver is recognized as an Italian quality brand.

Marianne Rochet

Carver and Domotex, what are the previews?
For the 2019 edition, too, Carver will be present at DOMOTEX and to highlight the membership of the Blanchon Group this year we will share the same exhibition space. Despite Domotex has a mainly European catchment area or in any case of the old continent, Carver will have the pleasure to meet our clients from the Americas as well as introduce themselves to new ones potential clients. We will be present at Hall 13, Booth D48.

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