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LED Oil and Ecotraffic 2K by Chimiver

Innovative solutions and continuous investments have given Chimiver a presence today in more than 60 countries all around the world

Soluzioni innovative e continui investimenti hanno permesso a Chimiver di essere presente in più di 60 Paesi in tutto il mondo. 

Chimiver was founded in 1965, it was a small laboratory producing coatings for wood and wooden floors. Chimiver since 50 years puts into his work vitality, strength and passion, studying products with very low environmental impact. Chimiver is run by the two sons Oscar and Nevio who, with their distinctive but complementary skills, have brought to the company new development strategies and ambitious goals.

Today Chimiver has become the undisputed market leader in Italy in the sector of products for gluing, treating and maintaining wooden floors.

Customer focus, an immediate response to market needs, and synergy among the staff are some of the ingredients that have motivated Chimiver to produce complete lines of products for different types of flooring: wood, resilient, resin and outdoor.

People are fundamental to the development of the company. At present, Chimiver has more than 70 employees, 15 of whom work in R&D. Chimiver makes products which help to improve quality of life by paying close attention to the environment.

This care is evident in the choice of adopting controlled machinery, packaging which is easier to recycle, and, above all, in the research dedicated to the formulation of high solid content and solvent-free products, waterborne lacquers, natural oils, and ecological glues and adhesives.

Some of their figures: 30,000kg of adhesives per day; 10,000kg of laquers per day; 1,000L of oil per day; 100 pallets – supply chain per day. Innovative solutions and continuous investments have given Chimiver a presence today in more than 60 countries all around the world.


LED OIL is an oil with LED curing technology, modified with acrylate oligomers, suitable for wooden floors. The wooden floors lacquered with LED OIL, are characterized by excellent hardness, distension and elasticity. It confers to the artifact in wood a natural look, soft to the touch and tonalized similar to an oil. LED systems are the future for the curing process of coatings. Chimiver, always moving with the time, offers you LED OIL, an efficient and performing product which embraces this technology. LED lights last up to 20000 hours whereas UV lights up to 700/1000.



ECOTRAFFIK 2K is a two-component water-based hight durability polyurethane finish for wooden floors, characterized by high solid content, easy to apply, high pore wettability even on brushed wood floors giving a warm and pleasant shade to the floor treated. ECOTRAFFIK 2K has high abrasion and black heel mark resistances allowing its use for high traffic surfaces.

Today our business focus is on a global worldwide scale. In 2018 the global GDP is between 3% and 3,5% and 2019 is expected to be on same rates. Last year our turnover increase has been of +7%. I am sure that by pushing on those markets where the GDP is foreseen to have the highest growth, our figures will rise on same levels. Target markets are China and India where we already work with some key partners.

—Oscar Panseri, Managing Director

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